Beurer FB50 foot spa review -Relax, revive and recharge your feet


Product : Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa With Water Heater beurer-foot-spa

Price : £91.22

Cheapest place to buy : Amazon – Click Here

Dimensions : 50 x 39 x 22 cm

Weight : 4 kg

Guarantee : Yes – 3 years

My Rating : 9.5 out of 10

This is a must have for people with sore feet

This product is ideal and a must have for people who suffer with sore feet and ideal for those of us who suffer with Plantar Fasciitis due to the therapeutic nature of this foot spa. My husband Peter has suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for numerous years now and even though we have it under control now through regular stretching, the correctly fitting shoes and orthotic inserts he still would struggle from time to time. It was on one of these periods when Peter was struggling and on a visit to the doctor that a massaging foot spa was recommended. After a lot of research we decided to get Peter the Beurer FB50 and even though it was at the higher end of the price spectrum it was worth every penny and due to the effect it has had on Peter’s standard of life I would happily pay twice the cost.

Before he started using the foot spa most nights would be spent sat down with his feet up, massaging them and taking pain relief in the form of anti-inflammatories and having to regularly stretch them to stop them from seizing up and giving him a lot of discomfort.


This product alongside the stretches, correct shoes and inserts has given Peter so much relief from his sore foot issues and after he’s used it he’s like a different man. He has more energy and instead of sitting around with his feet up for the majority of the evening he is a lot more active and is enjoying being able to do things again without being in pain and discomfort all the time. He probably uses it 3 times a week and you can tell which days he has used it because the next morning he wakes up and his feet won’t be troubling him that morning.

Features of the Beurer FB50 luxury foot spa

Vibration Massage – This will relax the muscles, tendons and the ligaments.

Bubble massage – Cleanses, refreshes and detoxifies the feet

Controllable Temperature – This foot spa has 5 different temperature settings ranging from 35c – 48c

Reflexology Therapy – This spa has removable massage rollers attachments that work on the reflexology zones of the feet.

Infrared Therapy – This feature boosts circulation and stimulates the reflex zones of the feet.

Magnetic Therapy – The six magnets offer help to boost blood flow which in turn puts oxygen and nutrients into cells which then helps the repair and recovery of the feet.

Attachments – 3 pedicure attachments – Pumice, Brush and rough piece. Using these softens the skin and removes hard skin and callouses


The benefits of this foot spa

When using this spa Peter usually sets it up for bubble and vibration massage and soaks his feet for around 25 – 30 minutes at the lowest temperature setting of 35c as any higher and its too hot for him. You can set it higher, as resistance to temperature is a very personal thing. Its also recommended that you don’t soak for any longer than 40 minutes He always adds salts to the water that treat the foot during the soak, which help to soften and moisturize the feet. He makes use of the massaging rollers throughout his soak and it really helps to relax the bottom of his feet and relieves any Plantar Fasciitis pain and discomfort he may have been suffering from. He also finds that the whole process is extremely relaxing and helps him to forget about the work day.

When I have been allowed to use the Beurer FB50 ( If Peter will let me! ) to have a soak and give my feet a little pamper I have taken full advantage and soaked my feet for a while and then used the pedicure attachments. These attachments are great if you have hard skin or callouses on your feet and after using them my feet are much softer and smoother and it makes working my next shift on my feet all day a little easier.

Why should you buy the Beurer FB50

I would recommend this product to everyone who suffers with sore feet and suffers with any foot ailments.( especially Plantar Fasciitis ) As I talked about above Peter has suffered with sore feet and the condition of Plantar Fasciitis for quite some time now and it was horrible watching him being in so much discomfort but not being able to help him night after night. Now I’m not saying that this foot spa is responsible for getting rid of his condition all by itself. But it is a large contributing factor in relieving his discomfort alongside his stretches and the correct shoes, that have enabled him to manage his condition to the point that some days now he will have no pain or discomfort at all. Its also worth noting that this spa is one of the largest spas on the market and Peters a size 11 and he fits easily in this spa with room to spare.

For me the best features of this foot spa is the fact that I can soak the feet in nice warm water and don’t have to keep getting out of it to top up with hot water as the temperature is controlled. I tend to have the temperature a lot higher than Peter as I have a higher resistance to hot temperatures than he does and I find 40c is the most comfortable setting for me. I find the jets that propel the water around and the bubble and vibrate massage very relaxing and I will soak my feet for the full recommended 40 minute soak. To make sure your not over-doing it you can set the automatic ending setting and it will turn itself off. A great feature, as this activity can be so relaxing on certain evenings and I have nodded off a couple of times.

I have gone through the majority of pros as to why I think you should buy this foot spa so I think it only fair to let you know a couple of the cons of this product, There isn’t many. Firstly it doesn’t come with a removable splash guard and can be a little cumbersome to tip out and secondly it could have done with the temperature settings starting at 25c – 30c as it might not suit people with a low threshold to hot water.

I would recommend the Beurer FB50 to everybody


I would honestly recommend this product to everybody and that is why I have given it a Rating of 9.5 out of 10. It really is a fantastic product. We have had and used other cheaper foot spas before and they were very basic and didn’t work very well after a while. Now I know that this Beurer FB50 is at the higher end when it comes to price, but because of all of the features and the effectiveness of this product I actually think its great value for money and you also have the added security of the 3-year guarantee.

That’s it for this review today I hope that you have found some benefit from it and it might make your choice for buying a foot spa a little easier. If you have any questions, need a hand or would like to offer your own review of the Beurer FB50 please feel free to leave a comment in the box or alternatively you can email me at

Have a great day


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2 thoughts on “Beurer FB50 foot spa review -Relax, revive and recharge your feet


    Feet spa is something I’ve never really taken seriously. I don’t know why, but thanks to the excellent review, I will know exactly what to go in for when I know it’s time to surprise my feet.

    But I was wondering, do I need to have a sore feet before using Beurer, or could it be regularly applied? Do I have to obtain any special prescriptions?

    Thanks for this great post.

    • Emma Post authorReply

      Hi Nsoh and thanks for your question. The Beurer FB50 foot spa can be used by anyone including those who have no foot problems. My husband uses it on a regular basis due to his Plantar Fasciitis and it gives him great relief from his foot pain and discomfort. However I do not suffer with that condition and I use it just to soothe my tired feet after a hard shift at work. The thing is its a fantastic way to relax the feet and a very pleasurable experience and I find it incredibly relaxing not only to the feet but the body and mind as well. 

      In relation to your other question no you do not need any special prescriptions to use the foot spa.

      Thanks and have a great day


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