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My name is Emma and I am a full-time registered nurse that works on an extremely busy ward at my hospital. My role pretty much involves me being on my feet all day and I cover about 16000 steps in a 12.5 hr shift. I think this places me in an ideal position to try to help you out with my recommendations and reviews as I know exactly which types of shoes are needed for this very physically straining and demanding job and why I’d like to show you my Best nursing shoes – Skechers Nurses Shoes review. As a matter of fact, today I will be recommending the exact type of shoe that I personally use and wear as I really believe these are the best shoes for nurses.

I have suffered with sore feet and back pain ever since I qualified as a nurse and began my job on my ward. It wasn’t until researching how I could help myself and someone suggesting that I get the right shoes for my foot/back problems and job requirements that I managed to find some relief from my ailments. Even If you don’t suffer from sore feet and back pain (If your a nurse you probably do) the right shoes for your shape of foot with the correct fit, cushioning, support, grip and protection are a must for people in our occupation.

I have covered the reasons why nurses in particular suffer with sore feet and back pain and what you can do to help yourself in previous posts here on so please feel free to check these posts out if you need help with any of those issues.

Today I would like to solely focus on which shoes I think you should buy and give my reasoning why you should use these nurses shoes. The shoes I will be recommending today are skechers shoes and as I wear these shoes myself I can give you a review that actually comes from personal experience of these shoes “on the job”. I hope you find this helpful in which pair of shoes to purchase. I will be giving a thorough product description and will list the pros and cons of all the recommendations I make and after the recommendations I will conclude with a guide on things to take into consideration when buying skechers nursing shoes.

I hope this review helps you to find the right Skechers nursing shoe for you.

Best Nursing Shoes – Skechers Nurses Shoes Review


1. Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 Multisport Outdoor Shoes

This shoe is my top recommendation as this is the shoe I wear myself, for this reason they are my number 1 Nursing shoe. The flex appeal 2.0 has a padded collar and tongue which gives lovely support and cushioning to the top of the foot, around the upper heel and sides of the heel. They also have synthetic overlays at the toe, sides and heel for added stability.

This shoe is a regular fit but I am quite wide at the ball of the foot and they fit me perfectly. In my research I have found that skechers shoes are generally quite generous when it comes to the width of the ball and toe area of the shoe. They are made of synthetic material and they have an EVA sole. ( EVA – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is a dense foam which is an amazing shock absorber )

They come with an air cooled memory foam insole and a lightweight shock absorbing midsole. The memory foam insole molds to the foot to give extra support and cushioning. They are super lightweight and flexible whilst offering great support, cushioning and shock absorption.

Pros – Extremely lightweight and very comfortable, stylish look and design, great support and cushioning and are very flexible which helps with the natural movement of the foot. The air cooled memory foam insole is fantastic with shock absorption. These shoes help me every day with managing sore feet and back pain and enable me to work a 12.5 hour shift relatively pain and discomfort free, which enables me to give the best care to my patients.

Cons – Do not offer the best support if you have a high arched foot. I have a normally arched foot and these shoes are perfect for that shape of foot. Durability – they will need replacing after 6-9 months as the soles wear. Not too great with fluid spills.

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2.Skechers Go Walk 4 – Inspire Women’s Low – Top Sneakers

This shoe comes in a close second to my top recommendation when it comes to Skechers shoes. These slip on shoes are a favourite of some of my colleagues as a lot of them have told me that due to them being radically lightweight it almost feels like they are wearing slippers. They also have a highly responsive 5gen midsole which gives amazing cushioning and the GOGA MAX foot bed gives high rebound to energize every step you take.

They are made with a textile inner material and have a synthetic outer material with a synthetic leather upper, so they wipe clean easily. The soft inner fabric lining helps to make these shoes super comfortable. They also have an EVA sole which as I’ve previously stated are amazing when it comes to shock absorption. Because of the design of these shoes and the midsole cushioning these shoes will help those of you who suffer with sore feet and Plantar Fasciitis.

These shoes will be acceptable for most hospitals and healthcare establishments dress code policies. Some of my colleagues who wear these shoes have told me that they felt a little big and wished they had ordered a half size down. It might be worth remembering though that your feet swell naturally throughout the day. So if you’re on your feet for a full 12.5 hour shift your feet will be a little larger by the end of the day.

Pros – Radically lightweight and extremely comfortable, stylish look and design and adhere to most health care facilities/Hospitals dress code policies. The 5gen midsole and GOGA MAX foot bed give amazing support, cushioning and high rebound so great for people with sore feet and Plantar Fasciitis. EVA sole for amazing shock absorption. They slip on and wipe clean with ease.

Cons – I’ve been hard-pressed to find any cons with these shoes. What I will say is even though they are wipe clean due to the synthetic leather upper this doesn’t make them completely waterproof so try not to go standing in any puddles.

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3. Skechers Women’s D’Lites – Life Saver Low Top Sneakers

These shoes are made of a synthetic outer material and man made inner material and the upper is a mix of nubuck leather and mesh fabric. The closure is lace up and they have an EVA sole which is great for shock absorption. They also come with an air cooled memory foam insole which moulds to the shape of your foot to give extra support and cushioning, even though this shoe is already very generous in that department.

Even though these shoes are not as light as the Flex Appeal 2.0 or the Go Walk 4 they are still lightweight and extremely comfortable. The inner width of the shoe at ball and toe area is generous as with all Skechers shoes. These shoes are very popular among the younger nurses we have around the hospital as they have a very stylish look and design. One of my friends has several pairs of these. One for work, one for working out and one for socializing.

Pros These shoes are extremely stylish in look and design and they have great support, cushioning, and shock absorption thanks to the 5gen midsole and EVA soles. They are Generous in the width and the air cooled memory foam molds to the foot give extra support and cushioning.

Cons – Even though these shoes are still lightweight in comparison to other makes of sneaker / trainer they are not as light as the Flex Appeal 2.0 or the Go Walk 4 inspire and as they’re not complete leather uppers so they are not the best for fluid spills due to the mesh part of the top of the shoe.

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4. Skechers For Work Women’s Sure Track Erath – Athletic Lace – Slip Resistant Shoe

With these shoes you have leather for your outer material while the inner material of the shoe is a mesh. You have a padded collar and tongue which gives extra support and cushioning to the top of the foot The sole is made of gum rubber so it is amazing for working in environments where you are regularly in contact with fluid spills. ( for example Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Restaurants and Kitchens ) They also have a leather upper which will also help to protect your feet from contact with regular fluid spills. The other great thing is they’re wipe clean so you can expect them to last awhile and clean very easily.

They have a relaxed fit memory foam insole so they will mold to the shape of your foot for added support and cushioning. They are not steel toed but do offer greater all round protection than the Flex Appeal 2.0, Go Walk 4 and D’Lites. You will not get wet feet with these shoes. They are also rated as an electrical hazard safe design and meet non-slip safety requirements even when working with wet and oily surfaces.

Pros – They offer great support and cushioning due to the relaxed fit memory foam insole and padded tongue and collar. As the shoe is leather upper and surround it will protect your feet all day with no chance of them getting wet and they conform to all safety requirements of working near electrical hazard and non-slip requirements. The insole removes for insertion of any orthotics / insoles you might prefer to use.

Cons – They are not as lightweight as the Flex Appeal 2.0 or the Go Walk 4. They carry the same sort of weight as the D’Lites so are still incredibly light in relations to a safety shoe. If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis you would need more Midsole support than these shoes offer unless you insert your own orthotic insoles.

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Comfy Feet Means Happy Nurse and Happy Patients

To conclude this review I’d just like to say that the above recommendations are the shoes that I would recommend to make your work day so much more pleasant. Since I’ve changed my work shoes and incorporated stretching exercises into my daily routine my pain and discomfort has lessened in a big way. I even now have days when I feel no pain or discomfort at all. I realized some time ago that I was unable to give the best of myself as I was suffering with sore feet and back pain on a daily basis and some days I couldn’t give my best as I was too focused on my discomfort.

I personally would recommend the Flex Appeal 2.0 multisport outdoor shoes to you as they have had a profound effect on my working life and now that I feel less discomfort and pain I can give my best to my colleagues and patients. If your workplace dress code will allow this type of shoe then this is the best shoe for comfort that I think you can buy.

As I mentioned above the Go walk 4 is a very close second and my colleagues who wear these shoes swear by them as they think those are the best type of shoe for our job requirements.

The D’Lites Life Saver sneaker is very popular among the younger nurses that I know as they are very stylish and very popular right now and still offer a great level of comfort. Again, as with the Flex Appeal 2.0 I would check it’s OK to wear these shoes at your Hospital / Healthcare Facility Before purchasing them.

Finally, I have suggested the Sure Track Erath as these will fulfill any workplace dress code and offer a great amount of protection, are slip resistant and meet electrical hazard regulations whilst still being very comfortable. There are plenty of places in my Hospital where these would be the perfect shoe for that environment. The reason I picked these out of the Skechers Women’s work shoe range is because these are also the lightest of that range and weigh in at a similar weight to the D’Lites.

Thanks for reading this review today I hope it can be of some use to you. I’d like to finish today by going over a few things to take into consideration when buying your shoes.

Buying Shoes – Things To Keep In Mind

1. Arch Support – It is important that your shoes offer a good level of arch support as to alleviate the stresses on the foot which will help to alleviate any pain and discomfort you may have and is of paramount importance when picking a shoe if you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis.

2. Memory foam Insoles – For comfort and cushioning memory foam insoles are a must as they mold to your feet and give the exact support and cushioning that your feet require. I would not buy a shoe without a memory foam insert again now that I know of the huge benefit you get from having these insoles in your shoes.

3. Shock absorption – This is another important factor to think about. On an average shift I can walk anywhere from between 13000 – 16000 steps and this puts a huge pressure on the joints of the feet, legs, knees, hips and lower back. So the shoes you pick should have a high capability for shock absorption which will take a lot of the stresses off of these areas of the body.

4. Durability – No-one wants to be buying new shoes every couple of months and as a nurse you probably couldn’t afford too anyway. So how long the shoes will last is an important factor. My Skechers shoes are around 7 months old and are starting to wear a little. Now I’m happy that I’ve got over 6 months use out of my shoes but to be honest if it was 4 months I would replace them with the same because of the comfort and relief they have given me. I would say if you expect a shoe to last between 6 – 9 months that is a realistic expectation with all the stresses we nurses put on our footwear. I would expect the more sturdily made slip resistant shoes made of leather to last longer than that though.

5. Protection and Slip resistance – This is another really important factor to think about. Your shoe needs to offer you the right amount of protection from your working Environment. If you work in an environment where you are regularly walking on wet or oily surfaces and coming into contact with fluid spills ( blood, other bodily fluids and water ) you need a shoe that will not let these fluids seep through to the inside of your shoe. The shoe also needs to have the right slip resistant sole to give you traction, which will prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself or the patient that you may be caring for at any given time.

6. Style and your workplace dress code rules We all love to wear shoes that look amazing and are stylish such as the Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0 or the D’Lites but you should check your Hospital’s Dress code policy before you buy your shoes. My hospital has a dress code where you can wear sneakers/trainers but they should be black. However, It is never policed and we all get away with wearing whichever shoes we want to. This will not be the same for every Healthcare Facility. So it may be worth checking that whatever shoes you are planning on buying will be allowed in your own specific workplace. Its as easy as showing your superiors a picture of the shoe and asking if they’re acceptable. Remember they would want you to be comfortable and not suffering discomfort.

That’s pretty much it for this Review, I hope that this information benefits in you some way. If you have any questions please leave a comment in the box below or e-mail me at and I’ll try to answer them for you.

Happy Nursing



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    The wifeof my brother is a nurse, and she is always complaining about her feet, that it hurts, and her shoes are not good, and she can’t find the good ones.

    These ones looks pretty solid, since I remember having shoes with a bottom like that, and those were the best I had.

    I will show her this site, and i’m pretty sure your article will help her!

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      Thanks Emmanuel I hope it can help. If your sister has any questions or just needs a hand, please leave a comment in the box or just email me at and I will do my best to help.


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