About Emma


About Emma

Hi everyone and welcome to my site “Comfy Shoes For Nurses”. My names Emma and I have been a Registered Nurse all of my working life. I love my job immensely but have struggled in this time with very sore feet and a lot of backpain. I am also a mother to two amazing children, so you could say I’m somewhat of an expert of being on my feet all day.
So after many years of seeing doctors and different treatments, I came to the conclusion the sore feet and the backpain were here to stay, so I thought I should try helping myself. This is when I discovered ( through a lot of research ) that there were shoes and other products out there, that could alleviate a great deal of my discomfort and make my day a much more pleasurable experience.

On My Feet All Day

I generally work four to five 12 hour shifts a week in a very busy hospital in Bristol, England. I am a Registered Nurse ( Band 5 ). The majority of my shifts are of a night-time and I’m the most senior and experienced on shift so I generally run things. I love my job and career with a passion but it has taken a toll on my feet and back.

most comfortable shoes for nurses

I will probably walk 16000 steps on a shift and when I’m not walking I am still standing, lifting or moving a patient. There are some shifts where we won’t get a break at all due to emergencies and patient requirements. So you can see where we might get problems with our feet and backs.

Foot Pain

I’ve generally suffered with a bad back and sore feet for around the last 10 years. It started when I was about half-way through a shift and me and a colleague had to move a patient from a chair to a bed. As we were pulling her up from the chair I felt a spasm in my lower back but didn’t think too much of it.

When I got home the following morning and finally sat down in my chair for a well-deserved cup of tea and relaxed is when my back completely locked up. It took about two weeks for it to ease off and some strong pain-killers from the Doctors.

Over the next ten years I would suffer with this on a regular basis maybe three or four times a year and it was a lot more painful after my children had arrived. I had my back and sore feet investigated by Doctors and Occupational Health at work but it would clear up after about ten days or so and by the time I had an investigative appointment nothing showed up.

The thing is with suffering pain constantly over a prolonged period of time it can grind you down and not only effect you physically it can effect you mentally as well. At times I was left feeling quite depressed.

So after ten years of this, I thought I’d better take things into my own hands and get pro-active in finding a solution to my problems.Back Ache

After researching all I could online I found a lot of information on how the right supportive and comfortable footwear might assist my issues with my sore feet and back pain. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical with the idea of footwear being able to ease my back pain, the sore feet maybe but not the back pain. However, at this point I was willing to try anything that might help.

I then found some suggested shoes online and ordered them.

Over the next few weeks I hardly suffered any back pain at all and only had sore feet for the first few days. This is when I thought it may also help my husband Peter who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis, so we went through the same process with him and two shoes later his sore feet were also very much relieved. It was then I thought I needed to tell people about this and hopefully I could help other people with similar issues.

How Would I Be Able To Help People

It was at this time I really wanted to help people, but I didn’t really know how. I talked it through with my husband Peter and he suggested I start a website and write about my experiences and what solutions they’re were and maybe review and recommend products that could help.
I realized right at that moment that he had come up with the answer. What I didn’t realize was that there were so many remedies out there for people in mine and Peter’s situation who suffered with sore feet, back pain, and Plantar Fasciitis.
It was at this point that it dawned on me that I had a lot of research in front of me as I wanted to genuinely help people and make recommendations that were completely accurate. It took me and Peter hours of trawling through products and doing research to find the right shoes and foot care equipment for us and our aim is to help you make an informed decision without having to go through that process as well.

Comfy Shoes For Nurses

At “Comfy Shoes For Nurses” we are focused on helping Nurses, Doctors and all those on their feet all day find the most comfortable, supportive and attractive footwear to ease sore feet, back pain and plantar fasciitis. We will post regular information on what you can do to ease your pains and suggest footwear, remedies and treatments that may help you.

Our main aim is to make sure people don’t have to suffer for as long as we did, when there are things that can relieve a lot of the issues that both myself and Peter had.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




10 thoughts on “About Emma

  1. Dianne Reply

    Very glad I found your site, having suffered with back problems since childbirth i find that at the end of a busy day that has been full of activity my back can seize up and I will not be able to move for a while. So I am very interested in looking into shoes that could help.

    A very worthwhile website indeed, I am sure we have many many nurses plus others who are on there feet all day who could really be benefiting from your wise wisdom in this area.

    • Emma Post authorReply

      Hi Dianne, I’m glad you found my site too. Please read all of the posts on here as I truly believe they will be of great benefit to you. As I’ve said I suffered for a long time (too long) and wish I had taken action to help myself much sooner. Check out the stretching exercises post. This is something you can implement right now today.

       Then getting the right pair of supportive, cushioned and comfortable shoes ( with a memory foam insole ) will make such a difference to your situation. Please check in from time to time because I will regularly be making recommendations and reviewing things that can help people in our situation.

      Have a great day

      Thanks Emma

  2. John Reply

    Hi Emma,

    this will be such a help to those who are on their feet all day.  Back pain is the worst and sore feet isn’t great either.  I think we can all agree that doing anything with poor uncomfortable shoes is difficult, let alone the hard job doctors and nurses do for such long hours.

    I have a friend who is a nurse and my sister-in-law is one too, will pass on your website to them – they will definitely benefit from your experience.



    • Emma Post authorReply

      Hey John You are right. Back pain and sore feet is the worst and when you are suffering through the whole 12.5 hour shift it can feel like a lifetime. However there are things that you can do to help yourself, as I have, which is the whole point to my site.

      Please do tell your friend and sister-in-law about the site and hopefully some of the reviews and recommendations may be of benefit to them.

      Have a great day.



  3. Renton Reply

    If there is anyone who deserves comfort it is the people who selflessly serve others! Thank you for your service. As a nurse you probably understand the kinetic chain better than me, but what I know so taking care of your feet is an absolute necessity. Feet and legs are strong but they also require care and attention.

    I think nurses should be given comfortable shoes or insoles or something as standard equipment when they qualify to enable them to better carry out their jobs. 

    PS: I aught that shoe pun where you said you generally “run” things (On My Feet All Day)! brilliant:)

    • Emma Post authorReply

      Hi Renton and thanks for your kind words and sentiments to nurses it means a great deal. It would be amazing to have the right shoes and insoles dispersed as standard equipment without having to pay for them but in an NHS where its already under incredible financial pressure can you imagine how much extra pressure it would be under if that was to happen. Its just not feasible unfortunately .

      I knew someone would catch my little pun. 

      Thanks again for your kind words.

      Have a great day.


  4. Chad Reply

    Hello Emma,

    Thanks for sharing your story, many of us go through similar experiences when we must stay on our feet for long periods of time. In my career there are times when working on a project, we spent long periods of time, the most recent was three years, where we would be on our feets for 10 – 14 hours a day!

    That was very hard on the body, especailly the feet and back. At one point had a battle with Plantar Fasciitis myself; the only thing that helped me was stretching. It would be so painful in the morning that I could not get out of bed; a co-worker noticed me limping in the morning and ask what was wrong?

    Then he proceeded to tell me how he got over his Plantar Fasciitis; he would take a rope and tie a loop in it, put in over the ball of his foot  and stretch it by pulling towards his chest. He said that it took several months for the pain to go away but to be patient. So I did the same thing; but using a 2 inch flat strap instead of a rope, and it worked for me too! 

    After a couple of months the pain was gone. Now; every so often,  when I feel it start to tighten up, I take the strap and stretch it out to keep the pain away.

    You are right about shoes, it makes a huge difference on your feet and back. Once I found the right work boot walking, standing, climbing stairs became much easier. If it were that simple for catching your breath after a few flights of stairs!

    Have a great day!


    • Emma Post authorReply

      Hi Chad thanks so much for sharing your story with us. I have included the stretch you are talking about in my stretching exercises post on my site. However I call it the towel stretch and as the name states its done with a towel. But the stretch is exactly the same as the one you have described and it does work amazingly. Please check out the other stretches on there as I think they may be of benefit to you.

      There are also foot stretches on there to do before you get out of bed, which loosens the foot before you stand which should really help you. The thing is although very simple they are so effective.

      I wish I had the answer for catching your breath after stairs, but I think you’ll have to advise me on that one!

      Have the best of days.


  5. Jag Reply

    I have heard this exact same statements from my cousin. She is a head nurse at her hospital. My goodness does she walk, the back problems have become so difficult now. that she has been thinking about quitting. Glad to know there are sites like yours which may be able individuals who knowingly sacrificing their health to help others.

    Kudos to you for having such passion for your job.

    • Emma Post authorReply

      Hi Jag thanks so much for your comments. Please pass on the details of my site to your cousin as I really believe that some of the information on my site might be of benefit to her. I was at a point not too long ago where I didn’t think I would be able to be continue my career for much longer, but through incorporating stretching, wearing compression socks and the right supportive and cushioned shoes I am now in a much better place physically and mentally. I now think I can remain a Nurse for many years to come.

      Thanks again


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